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Helping improve baby's comfort and recovery

The temperature measurement of a newborn baby is vital in assessing development and can be an early indicator of potential problems. This is especially important in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) or Special Care Baby Units (SCBU) where the newborns require higher levels of medical attention.

Traditional forms of temperature measurement such as axilla or oral, require the baby to be moved, undressed or awakened. Often these methods are invasive, which may cause the baby to experience discomfort. TRITEMP™ is non-contact and can be set to silent mode so it does not disturb the baby. Additionally, the removal of contact helps optimise infection control in these vulnerable patients.

TRITEMP Baby Comfort
  • Around 1 in 7 babies born in the UK each year are admitted to a neonatal unit 1
  • Over 45% of nurses agree that disturbing the baby is the main concern when taking a baby’s temperature 2
  • Keeping babies at optimal temperature is especially important when premature or sick; if skin temperature drops by just one degree oxygen use can increase by 10% 3