Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Thermometers

Much more than a highly accurate clinical non-contact thermometer, TRITEMP™ is a purpose-drive device designed to protect people and planet. No waste, no consumables.

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Find out how hospitals are saving thousands by reducing plastics

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How TRITEMP™ can Reduce Plastics in Your Hospital

TriMedika are paving the way environmentally with a sustainable approach. No product consumables, less waste, less cost.

Millions of temperature readings are taken in hospitals each year. With traditional contact thermometers, a disposable plastic probe cover is required at every single reading. That’s why we’ve developed TRITEMP™; a non-contact leader in patient temperature measurement, designed to protect people and planet. TRITEMP™ is a medical grade non-contact thermometer that requires no single-use plastics.

TRITEMP™ directly improves the lives of patients, nurses, hospitals, healthcare and the planet.

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  • The yearly total cost of waste reported by NHS Trusts is £33.3million1
  • The NHS creates 133,000 tonnes of plastic annually2
  • Plastic accounts for up to 25% of medical waste in the US3

1 2015/16 study, as reported by 69% of trusts.,infectious%20and%20offensive%20waste%20categories.,and%20the%20plastic%20products%20themselves.