Time Saving Professional Thermometers

Time Saving Professional Thermometers

Frontline staff deserve the best tools. TRITEMP™ unlocks the full potential of staff and specialists and gives them back time to do what they do best – care.

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Find out how nurses globally are saving up to an hour per shift

Areas of Expertise - Time Saving

Setting a Higher Level of Care

At TriMedika we’re passionate about putting nurses and patients first.

We believe that frontline staff deserve the best tools so they can in turn, deliver the highest patient care. Part of the very foundation of healthcare; the thermometer is used in every hospital in the world. That’s why we’ve developed TRITEMP™, a non-contact leader in patient temperature measurement

The simple TAP & TAKE technology offers ease of use, with temperature readings in just a second. TRITEMP™ uses zero probe covers to unlock the full potential of staff and specialists to give them back time to do what they do best – care.

So put TRITEMP™ in the hands of heroes and see how you can improve patient outcomes from the outset. 

More time to care
  • Nurses only spend around 37% of their time with patients1
  • Improving productivity by 5 minutes per shift could save the NHS £280m2
  • An hour per shift is wasted searching for equipment2
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