What labour saving benefits can the TRITEMP provide for hospitals ?

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A hospital could invest in TRITEMP™ to help nurses save their valuable time when nursing patients. Our estimates show that an 800 bed hospital could actually save or claw back up to 27,000 hours of nursing time by switching to TRITEMP™, and there’s lots of different reasons for that. First of all, TRITEMP™ so quick and easy to use, it’s simply point and click and the reading is taken accurate to plus or minus 0.2. With other devices commonly find on wards, the nurses have to wake the patients up, prepare the device, maybe move the patient, but, there’s none of that required for TRITEMP™. It is quick and easy to use. It will save the nurses time giving them more time to care for the most important person, the patient. It’s not only nurses time that will be saved. They will also be able to save time for the biomedical engineers who have to maintain and service all the products and all the medical devices in the hospital. I have been in EBME departments and hospitals across the world. I’m often told that one of their frustrations is the fact that they spent so much time cleaning earwax off of other types of thermometers. It takes a great deal of time and a great deal of maintenance and from what I’ve seen a great deal of frustration. If you introduce TRITEMP™ to your hospital. There’s none of that required TRITEMP™ is a robustly engineered device. We’ve already had feedback from one hospital in Ireland which was 150 bed hospital that the engineer has already saved over 500 hours of labor in less than a year by switching to TRITEMP™.