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A study from Neonatal Unit Craigavon Area Hospital concluded that the TRITEMP™ is a reliable tool for measuring neonatal temperatures in various clinical conditions.

The study aimed to assess the performance of a non-contact infrared (NCIR) forehead thermometer, called TRITEMP™, in comparison to an electronic axillary thermometer, Filac™ 3000 AD, in measuring the temperature of preterm neonates.

These neonates were cared for in either incubators or open cots and may or may not have received thermal support or phototherapy. Researchers conducted the study with mainly normothermic neonates in a Neonatal Unit at Craigavon Area Hospital.

They took three consecutive temperature measurements using both the TRITEMP™ forehead NCIR thermometer and the Filac™ 3000 AD electronic thermometer in the axilla for a total of 90 sets of temperature readings. Additionally, feedback was obtained from 23 nursing staff to evaluate the benefits of these thermometers for patients, nurses, and the environment.

The results indicated that the TRITEMP™ forehead thermometer provided temperature readings that were in good agreement with the axillary temperatures in preterm neonates. On average, the temperature recorded by the TRITEMP™ was 36.8˚C ± SD 0.092, while the Filac™ recorded an average temperature of 36.7˚C ± SD 0.094.

The two thermometers showed satisfactory agreement, and this agreement was consistent regardless of whether the neonates were in incubators or open cots and whether they received thermal support.

Overall, the study suggests that the TRITEMP™ forehead NCIR thermometer is a reliable and convenient tool for measuring the temperature of preterm neonates in various clinical settings.

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