Helping Hospitals Achieve Lower Costs & Improved Efficiencies

How can we reduce costs? How can we maximize nurses time? How can we do all this, whilst enhancing the patient experience?

These are just some of the questions Healthcare Professionals ask themselves on a daily basis.

There is a mutual understanding that health care value in the US needs improved. Hospital Acquired Infections remain high in the US. In American hospitals alone, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that HAIs account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year1. In 2021, this should not be the case.

Economic models suggest that if health care productivity could grow by just 4%, we would solve the US health care cost problem2.

Where do improved efficiencies need to take place?

One study estimated that nurses spend approximately 7% of their time hunting for supplies2. It is extremely time consuming for nurses to go searching for new plastic probe covers every time they need to take a temperature reading.

Thermometers are routine devices, used every day, on every patient, in every ward. In fact, a 900-bed hospital takes between 2-3 million temperature readings per year3. Imagine if you could cut out the time it takes a nurse to find, refill and dispose of thermometer probe covers at every reading. Imagine if you could reduce plastic waste in your hospital at the same time.

Now you can!

TRITEMP™ non-contact, medical grade thermometer requires zero single use plastic probe covers. Nurses can take one temperature reading after the other, simply TAP&TAKE. Easy to use, robust and accurate, TRITEMP™ was specifically designed with nurses in mind.

A saving of just 5 minutes could save the US health service millions.

Additionally, TRITEMP™ is more sustainable with no consumables, making it about a fifth of the total cost of ownership of conventional thermometers’ that use consumables4. So, not only are traditional contact thermometers such as tympanic, rectal or axilla time consuming for nurses to use, but they are also a strain on already stretched budgets. You can use our Cost of Ownership calculator to find out how much you’re spending currently.

Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial negative impact on hospital finances and consequently financial difficulties can deter hospitals from acquiring new technology. But improving technology increases efficiency which allows for reduction of costs without affecting quality. This is paramount to healthcare.

For this reason, US hospitals must look at their medical devices, especially those used in the daily routine such as thermometers. By making small changes, hospitals will reap the benefits of increased efficiencies, lower costs, and better patient outcomes as nurses are given back more time to care.

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What are the benefits of TRITEMP™ thermometers?

TRITEMP™ thermometers have multiple benefits for hospitals including but not limited to:

– Costs are significantly reduced by removing the need for the purchase and disposal of single-use plastic probe covers that are used with traditional contact thermometers
– Accurate temperature readings within +/- 32.36 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for quick detection of a patient’s core body temperature
– Removes contact with patients and therefore helps maximize infection control
Nurses save time at every reading with no probe covers to change, simply TAP&TAKE

How can TRITEMP™ help hospitals save money?

The main ways that TRITEMP™ allows hospitals to save money are:

Eliminates the need for hospitals and IDNs to invest in single use plastic probe covers to be changed between temperature measurements. TRITEMP™ is non-contact so no probe covers are required.

Eliminates the costs associated with disposing of plastic probe covers, as these are classified as contaminated medical waste. Typically, these would be incinerated as part of the hospital’s infection control policy
Reduces the amount of time to take an accurate temperature reading, unlocking the full potential of staff and specialists and giving them back time to do what they do best – care

What other benefits does TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer offer?

TRITEMP™ is a non-invasive device which is advantageous for patients or situations where contact would be difficult or disruptive. These hospital grade thermometers also eliminate the need for millions of unnecessary contact points with patients, which is essential at any time, but especially during a pandemic. TRITEMP™ is easy to use and provides a quick and accurate reading which increases efficiencies among healthcare staff.

Is TRITEMP™ just for use in hospitals?

TRITEMP™ has been designed as a medically graded device; however, it’s incredible accuracy within +/- 32.36 degrees Fahrenheit means that it is suitable for a wide range of healthcare facilities, eg; physicians’ offices. Anyone who would typically show signs of distress whilst having their temperature taken via traditional contact methods including autistic and pediatric patients can be monitored with this simple non-contact alternative, designed with quality of care and patient experience in mind.


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