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Lead with us - let's go zero!

TriMedika are paving the way environmentally with a sustainable approach. No product consumables, less waste, less cost.


Millions of temperature readings are taken in hospitals each year. With traditional contact thermometers, a disposable plastic probe cover is required at every single reading. That’s why we’ve developed TRITEMP™; a non-contact leader in patient monitoring, designed to protect people and planet. TRITEMP™ is a medically graded non-contact thermometer, requiring no single-use plastics.


TRITEMP™ directly improves the lives of patients, nurses, hospitals, healthcare and the planet.

Environmental infographics

  • The yearly total cost of waste reported by NHS Trusts is £33.3million1
  • The NHS creates 133,000 tonnes of plastic annually2
  • Plastic accounts for up to 25% of medical waste in the US3

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An image of the TRITEMP™

Our commitment to sustainability


When we design, manufacture and distribute our thermometers, we have a duty to help protect our environment. 

Our responsibility goes far beyond this, to when those thermometers reach the end of their lives. It’s why we advocate the European Union’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, which ensures all electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.