TRITEMP™ Non-Contact Thermometer
Your first line of defence against infection

Infection Prevention and Control  is relevant to staff and patients at every single healthcare encounter. 

Physical contact is one of the most common causes of infection spread, therefore every point of contact could risk cross-infection.

How does TRITEMP™ optimise infection control ?

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TRITEMP™ uses ZERO contact therefore reducing the likelihood of cross-infection. For Infection Prevention and Control Teams the removal of unnecessary points of contact provides a significant reduction in probability of infection spread due to the sheer volume of use of thermometers in every hospital. Resulting in contact transmission being reduced significantly.

TRITEMP™ is straightforward to clean.

In Europe per year, healthcare-associated Infections (HCAIs) cause*

  • Over 4.5 million infections
  • Approximately 6 million extra days of hospital stay
  • 37,000 attributable deaths, and contribute to an additional 110,000 total.

*World Health Organisation, 2017