Benefits for Hospitals Using TRITEMP™

In October 2019, the NHS Supply Chain launched a Single-Use Plastics Pledge to dramatically reduce the volume of plastics used across the NHS. Much of the strategy was based around no longer purchasing plastic straws, stirrers, and cutlery for the canteens, which allowed the NHS to hit their first milestone ahead of schedule in early 2020. Of course, since then the COVID-19 pandemic has forced hospitals to increase the output of plastics in the form of PPE equipment as they fight to control the spread of coronavirus. Although some hospitals are finding inventive ways to recycle PPE, there is another way to significantly decrease the output of plastic across NHS hospitals – by using the TRITEMP™ hospital-grade thermometer.

What is the TRITEMP™ Thermometer?

TriMedika have created the TRITEMP™ medically graded non-contact forehead thermometer which takes precise readings within +/-0.2 degrees Celsius. As this device never comes into contact with the patient, there is no need for a plastic probe cover to be used to reduce infection control. Plastic caps are regularly used with traditional contact thermometers inserted into the ear, armpit, or rectum. The use of plastic caps is essential with these traditional devices for infection control.

However, these plastic caps come at a tremendous cost to the NHS, accounting for a huge 97% of their annual thermometer costs.  A 900-bed hospital takes in the region of 2-3 million temperatures every year. This equates to 2-3 million plastic caps each year. For a hospital that switches to the TRITEMP™ plastic consumables waste is removed.

It’s not just the cost of purchasing the plastic caps that must be factored into the hospital’s budgeting either. As these plastic caps are deemed to be contaminated waste, they are typically incinerated.  With TRITEMP™ thermometer, there are absolutely no plastic consumables to dispose of.

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Quick Detection Tool

Moving away from the obvious cost-savings provided by the TRITEMP™ design, hospitals rely on temperature readings as an essential tool to check for healthcare actions such as infections.

An inaccurate reading could cause misdiagnosis. As a CE-marked product, TRITEMP™ is medically graded and suitable for hospital use.

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What’s the Benefit of TRITEMP™ Thermometers?

TRITEMP™ thermometers have multiple benefits for hospitals including:

Costs are saved by removing the purchase of single plastic probe covers which are used with traditional contact thermometers
Additionally, no disposal costs are incurred
Accurate temperature recordings within +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius, which allows quick detection of a patient’s body temperature
Removes contact with patients and therefore helps maximise infection control
Nurses save time at every reading with no probe covers to change, simply TAP & TAKE

Are TRITEMP™ Thermometers Non-Contact?

TRITEMP™ forehead thermometers are 100% non-contact. They use infrared energy as the output of the device’s TAP & TAKE technology. As long as obstacles such as hair or hats have been moved out of the way, the device is simply aimed at the middle of the forehead slightly above the patient’s eyebrows. The temperature will be taken in seconds, and you can simply move on to the next patient.

Do TRITEMP™ Thermometers Help Reduce Plastic Waste?

Without any need for plastic probe covers, a hospital that chooses to invest in TRITEMP™ thermometers will help meet agendas for sustainability such as the Single-Use Plastics Pledge. There is zero plastic waste involved with this style of hospital thermometer and with a two-year breakage guarantee on all devices, the investment provides value for the longer term.

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