Brexit – Business as Usual for TriMedika

TriMedika is headquartered in Northern Ireland so we can take full advantage of the legislation implemented through the Northern Ireland Protocol. Due to the unique position of Northern Ireland within the UK, Northern Irish companies will benefit from access to the European single market whilst maintaining “unfettered access to the UK market”[1].

What Does BREXIT Mean for TriMedika?

TriMedika currently supply the TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometers to hospitals, clinics and more in over 20 countries worldwide. The BREXIT deal ensures that there is an open border to allow a free flow of goods and services. As a result, TriMedika will still be able to supply all of our products internationally with no disruption!

TriMedika’s COO Julie Brien commented, “As the only UK manufacturer of clinical non-contact thermometers we have been working hard to prepare for BREXIT. We have expert distribution and logistics partners who are networked throughout Europe and the UK. As a result, TriMedika will benefit from unfettered access to England, Scotland and Wales as well as the 27 EU countries. With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, our aim has always been to ensure that supply to our customers remains uninterrupted.”

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[1] The Northern Ireland Protocol. Dec 2020. Northern Ireland Protocol

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