TriMedika Voted ‘Exhibitor Of The Day’ At RCN Congress Belfast May 2018

Belfast company TriMedika was delighted to be voted as ‘Exhibitor of the Day’ on Day 1 of the RCN Congress which was held in TriMedika’s home town for the first time from May 12th – 16th.

TriMedika was there to exhibit its non contact Infrared clinical thermometer TRITEMP™, a device that makes ZERO contact with the patient and uses ZERO consumables. This is in alignment with the Triple Aims of Healthcare by improving the patient experience and quality of care whilst enabling significant cost savings by eliminating the use of plastic consumables.

Congress attracts around 5000 nurses each year and those that visited the TriMedika stand responded to TRITEMP™ with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. TRITEMP™ proved a big hit with infection control teams in particular as it never needs to touch the patient, so reducing the incidents of cross contamination. With 8/10 infectious disease in the healthcare setting being transmitted via contact, TRITEMP™ can make a positive impact on HCAIs.

This year’s key topics under debate included recruitment and retention of nurses, nurse education funding, the importance of physical activity for the management and prevention of disease and how dogs can deliver benefits in the healthcare setting.

As the NHS attains its 70th birthday, celebration and thanksgiving were an important focus of the event. As well as looking back at the beginnings of the National Health Service, future developments were also represented with topics such as ‘Robots in health and Social Care’.

The ‘RCN Digital Ready Consultation’ held on the final day of Congress was of particular interest to the TriMedika team, as the development of the TRITEMP™ Connected continues. This consultation discussed what the digital future of nursing might look like and how might nurses get the best from the connected devices that have started to become available.

TRITEMP ™ Connected will transfer data directly into the hospital EMR and to telehealth platforms for remote monitoring of patients; it will enable a reduction transcription errors in the journey towards a ‘paperless’ system.

One highlight of Congress for the TriMedika team of CEO Dr Roisin Molloy and COO Julie Brien was to meet Janet Davies, RCN’s Chief Executive and General Secretary on their stand and to be able to give her a comprehensive demonstration of the benefits of TRITEMP™s non contact technology.

Asked if TriMedika would attend the next RCN Congress, Dr Molloy commented ‘Absolutely! This was a fantastic opportunity to speak directly to the people who will be using TRITEMP™. The feedback from nurses is invaluable and we’ve been able to gather additional information that will help us shape future products and accessories. Congratulation to the NHS on its 70th anniversary!’

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