Global Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry Events and Conferences 2023 – 2024

Pharma events in Europe and UK

2nd International Conference on Current Advances In Pharmaceutical Industry and Development

October 17-18, 2023 Paris, France

The 2nd International Conference on Current Advances in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Development will offer a comprehensive program featuring Keynote speeches, presentations, and exhibitions. This strategic conference is designed to facilitate in-depth discussions and interactive sessions, enabling attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and explore solutions to current challenges in pharmaceutical product development and synthesis.

This year, the primary focus will be on the latest breakthroughs in pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, and related fields, as well as research and development. Pharmaceutical Industry 2023 is a culmination of various European Pharma conferences meticulously curated to emphasise “Pharma Development.” Given the ongoing pandemic, our agenda covers a wide spectrum of critical topics. At Pharmaceutical Industry 2023, you will have the opportunity to engage with an international audience interested in pharmaceutical laws, licenses, and approvals. This conference offers an exceptional platform to connect with a diverse range of participants from the Pharma sector.

This year’s theme, “Novelties in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences,” will include world-class speakers, clinical study presentations, interactive networking opportunities, and workshops. The conference will also welcome senior speakers from prominent pharmaceutical companies who will share their valuable insights.

Pharma Europe 2020 will host over 50 organisations and international pavilions in its exhibition including equipment manufacturers, suppliers, systems providers, financial and investment firms, R&D companies, project developers, trade associations, and government agencies. Industry experts are eager to engage because they understand the importance of addressing your questions and concerns. In response to the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, this year’s conference will feature an increased number of case studies, providing hands-on learning in drug development and clinical trials. Moreover, ‘Think Tank Sessions’ for in-depth discussions with key decision-makers will be introduced, fostering valuable networking opportunities and equipping professionals with practical solutions to their challenges.

11th International Conference on Clinical Trials

November 09-10, 2023, London, UK

This event explores Innovative Approaches in Global Clinical Research and Clinical Trials and offers a diverse program, including keynote presentations, plenary talks, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and Career development programs. The event host, Conference Series LLC Ltd, is an organisation that hosts over 3000 global events annually bringing together professionals from around the world. We collaborate with 1000+ scientific societies and publish 700+ open-access journals, featuring contributions from over 100,000 renowned scientists.

Clinical Trials 2023 is a multidisciplinary program that welcomes participants from across the globe, offering insights into clinical research and its advancements. It provides an exceptional opportunity to engage with a diverse audience, including professionals from academia, clinical research, medical groups, associations, government agencies, and pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical device industries.

This year’s theme, Exploring Innovative Approaches in Global Clinical Research and Clinical Trials will delve into various aspects of pre-clinical research, and clinical trial execution, and educate healthcare researchers about trial design, operations, regulatory compliance, and reporting.

This event aims to raise public awareness about the significance of clinical trials in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This three-day event will feature presentations, information sharing, networking with fellow scientists, showcasing cutting-edge clinical research developments, and gaining recognition in the field. Expect insights from world-renowned speakers and the latest updates in clinical research.

3rd World Biosimilars & Biologics Congress

November 10-11, 2023 Berlin, Germany

The 3rd World Biosimilars & Biologics Congress will delve into the prospects and emerging technologies in biosimilars and biologics, covering all facets of pharmaceutical sciences, manufacturing, and quality, with a strong focus on originality and scientific excellence. Biosimilars Congress 2023 serves as a platform for rising scientists and researchers to showcase their real-time work and exchange insights on the conference’s theme. The organising committee is excited to present an engaging and informative program, featuring plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, presentations, and diverse activities for participants from around the world.

Biosimilars Congress 2023 will highlight recent developments in pharmaceutical drug marketing and the production of pharmaceutical drugs, including contract manufacturing. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of a scientific discipline that examines the impact of biosimilar drug marketing.

The event also explores the scope of biosimilar drug marketing in the industry and offers in-depth market, technology, and industry analyses to assist readers in quantifying and assessing the market for prescription generic drugs. The program identifies significant trends and offers sales forecasts categorised by product types and major country markets, drawing from industry sources and considering regulatory frameworks, healthcare policies, demographics, and other factors that directly influence the generic drug market; while considering the implications of the wider economic environment.

4th World Congress on Pharmaceutics, Formulations & Novel Drug Delivery Systems

November 13-14, 2023, Barcelona, Spain

Discover the Future of Pharmaceuticals at the 4th World Congress on Pharmaceutics, Formulations & Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Barcelona. This exciting event offers a global platform for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to delve into cutting-edge topics like drug delivery research, nanomedicine, pharmaceutical technology, medicinal chemistry, and more.

Everyone from directors and professors to researchers and healthcare professionals is provided with an opportunity to network, learn about the latest research, and engage in high-level debates. The conference will feature an array of sessions and tracks, covering everything from pharmacokinetics and drug targeting to pharmaceutical analysis and biosimilars. But that’s not all; there’s also a focus on innovative trends, like the use of big data in clinical research and the growing importance of real-world evidence. These developments are propelling the pharmaceutical industry forward and creating new opportunities for collaboration and investment.

As the global pharmaceutical market continues to expand, with the European market alone projected to grow significantly, events like this are essential for staying informed about the latest advancements in drug development, regulation, and technology.

23rd World Congress on Pediatric Neurology and Neuropathology

November 13-14, 2023 Dublin, Ireland

The 23rd World Congress on Pediatric Neurology and Neuropathology will be taking place in Dublin this year, focusing on advancing Pediatric Neuro and Mental Hygiene. This event will bring together leading scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and experts in the field to discuss the latest trends and developments in neurology.

The conference’s theme, “A Step Forward in Pediatric Neuro and Mental Hygiene,” underscores the rapid progress in neuroscience, neonatology, and neurology, driven by new technology concepts. The aim is to generate innovative treatment ideas for various brain diseases, ultimately benefiting patients. The conference will showcase cutting-edge research in neurology and brain disorders through keynote sessions and presentations, promoting public awareness of mental health care and its importance.

Expect internationally renowned speakers and the most recent breakthroughs in paediatrics and neonatology. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with the global Pediatrics and Neonatology community, share insights, network, and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.

5th European Conference on Advance Clinical Trials and Research

November 23-24, 2023 Paris, France

The 5th European Conference on Advanced Clinical Trials and Research focuses on innovative research that improves lives through clinical trials. Scientific gatherings like this are vital for academics, scientists, practitioners, students, scholars, researchers, physicians, health educators, social workers, and business professionals to share their research, collaborate, and network. The Clinical Trials Congress 2023 is a two-day event featuring presentations, keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and an exhibition, where experts in medicine, science, and technology will discuss critical topics. The first track, “Pharmaceutical Technology,” explores the application of scientific knowledge and technology in pharmacy, pharmacology, and the pharmaceutical industry, covering drug production, preparation, compounding, dispensing, and more.

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pain


December 4-5th, 2023 Rome, Italy

This December the 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pain Management will takeplace. This event focuses on exploring innovative approaches to pain relief and regaining control of your life. It serves as a platform for professionals in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain medicine, and palliative care to engage, empower, evolve, and expand their knowledge. With the theme of Innovative Pain Relief, the conference aims to bring together experts and scholars in these fields to advance core knowledge and make significant breakthroughs. The conference includes a pain management symposium addressing real-world challenges in healthcare and effective pain management.

2nd World Congress on Precision, Personalised, and Preventive Medicine

December 5th-6th Zurich, Switzerland

At the 2nd World Congress on Precision, Personalised, and Preventive Medicine, industry experts will delve into the advancements taking hold around the world. Preventive healthcare involves taking actions to prevent diseases rather than treating them. It includes medicines or treatments designed for disease prevention by addressing factors like genetics, environment, disease agents, and lifestyle choices. Predictive Medicine is a branch of medical science that focuses on predicting the occurrence or progression of diseases in individual patients, often utilising genetic information. Molecular diagnostics is a method that analyses biological markers in the genome and proteome to perform medical tests. It aids in diagnosing and monitoring diseases, assessing risks, and determining the most effective therapies for individual patients. Personalised medicine tailors medical decisions, practices, interventions, and products to individual patients based on their predicted response and disease risk, categorising patients into different groups. This approach offers significant opportunities for growth in healthcare by enhancing therapeutic effectiveness and minimising adverse effects of drug therapies. Personalised cancer medicine, for instance, translates cancer genetics into practical medical applications. Genomic medicine contributes substantially by revealing how genomic variations impact health, illness, and drug responses. Biomarkers also play a vital role in understanding biological characteristics, encompassing molecular, anatomic, physiologic, and chemical changes, which are essential in drug development research, often transforming into companion diagnostics.

Researchers, Scientists, Academicians, Pharmacists, Drug developers, Medical experts, practising clinicians, Chemists, Industrialists, and individuals working in academia and industry, as well as government agencies, will gather at Precision Med 2023 to discuss and deliberate on the latest research in precision medicine with a special focus on patient tendered care and the most significant developments in disease diagnosis, prognosis, and care, as well as numerous techniques and methodologies. With 45+ scientific sessions, the purpose of this international congress is to allow participants to communicate their ideas and studies through keynote, oral, and poster presentations, ensuring intense interaction among the professionals.

2nd Global Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry Conference

January 25-26, 2024 London, UK

The 2nd Global Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry Conference is centred around the theme of “Confronting Global Issues and Exploring Scientific Inquiry on Pharmaceutics.” The conference offers a diverse range of sessions, including keynote presentations, plenary talks, symposiums, special sessions, and career development programs. Engaging workshops and keynote speakers have been carefully curated to ensure the success of this event.

The conference aims to bring together professionals from various sectors, including academia, pharmaceutical industry research and development, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) industry, drug discovery laboratories, formulations, and novel drug delivery systems (NDDS). The conference will also host senior executives and renowned researchers specialising in pharmaceutical chemistry, quality control and assurance, clinical trials, pharmaceutical pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmacognosy, biopharmaceutics, drug discovery, design and development, and pharmacoeconomics.

24th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry

January 25-26, 2024 London, UK

The 24th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry offers a comprehensive program featuring prompt keynote presentations, presentations, and exhibitions. It’s a strategic conference designed to provide in-depth insights and interactive sessions, offering a valuable opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and address the current challenges in pharmaceutical product synthesis and development.

This year, the focus will be on exploring the latest advancements, research and development, and addressing challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Research, and related areas. Pharmaceutical Sciences 2024 is part of a specially designed cluster of all European Pharma conferences, with the main theme centred around “New Challenges in Pharma Industries and the Growth of Pharmaceutical Research,” covering a wide range of critically important sessions.

25th European Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

February 13-14, 2024 Barcelona, Spain

The 25th European Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology event offers an international platform for the discussion of Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, bringing together eminent individuals, including professors, scientists, doctors, medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, students, and industrialists from across the world to exchange ideas, research findings, and experiences.

The conference focuses on the chemistry of Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, encompassing toxicological, medical, and clinical aspects. It features poster programs, and symposia on special topics within this field, and aims to promote activities that stimulate research in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Under the theme “Explore the Insights of Exotic Tox Pathways,” the conference emphasises the latest innovations and developments in the realm of Euro Toxicology 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into the enigmatic world of Toxicology.

34th Annual European Pharma Congress

February 22-23, 2024 Zurich, Switzerland

The 34th Annual European Pharma Congress is taking place in Zurich, Switzerland this February. The conference’s central theme is “Discover and Explore the Future of Pharma.” This strategic congress offers a unique opportunity for speakers to connect with fellow experts and tackle the challenges faced in pharmaceutical product development and synthesis today. The event includes keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and career development sessions.

This congress serves as a premier platform for academics, researchers, students, esteemed society members, and industry professionals to engage in discussions around shared interests in the field of pharmaceuticals. Over two days, the conference will feature an exceptional lineup of plenary and keynote speakers, providing a global stage for academics to showcase their research to an audience of leading international experts.

17th European Biosimilars Congress

April 04-05, 2024 Madrid, Spain

With a decade of experience under its belt, the European Biosimilars Congress has solidified its reputation as the go-to meeting for biosimilars stakeholders, focusing on the current and future landscape of biosimilars in Europe.

Incorporating two dedicated streams into the European Biosimilars Congress meeting has proven to be a resounding success, offering valuable insights from two distinct groups. One group excels in the scientific and technical aspects, delving deep into research and manufacturing expertise. The other group specialises in the business and strategic aspects, providing insights into market trends, commercialisation strategies, and regulatory considerations. This dual-stream approach empowers participants with a comprehensive understanding of both the scientific and commercial dimensions of the biosimilar industry. The positive response and knowledge exchange from these specialised streams have greatly contributed to the overall success of the European Biosimilars Congress meeting.

The 2024 edition of this meeting will continue to explore both biosimilar development and the business requirements for organisations striving for FDA approval. The European Biosimilars Congress is a globally significant annual event that will bring together scientists, researchers, business development managers, CEOs, directors, IP attorneys, regulatory officials, and CROs from across the globe. With many biologics products gaining ground in the pharmaceutical market and experiencing a notable surge in usage compared to conventional medications, Euro Biosimilars 2024 provides an ideal platform to connect with your target audience from the biologics and biosimilars community.

3rd International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems

April 11-12, 2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 3rd International Conference and Expo on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems is taking place in April, with the theme “Regulatory Considerations and Quality Assurance in Drug Delivery Systems: Ensuring Safety and Efficacy,” this event will unite leading researchers, industry professionals, and experts in pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems.

The conference’s mission is to establish a knowledge-sharing platform, facilitate the exchange of the latest breakthroughs, and explore emerging trends in drug delivery technologies. Expect an array of presentations, interactive sessions, and poster presentations that span diverse topics, including nanotechnology-based drug delivery, targeted therapy, controlled release systems, and personalised medicine.

This Expo will present a golden opportunity for networking, nurturing collaborations, and exploring potential partnerships among attendees from academia, pharmaceutical firms, regulatory bodies, and related industries. Participants will immerse themselves in enriching discussions, gain fresh insights, and deepen their grasp of state-of-the-art research and innovative drug delivery strategies.

Beyond the conference’s enriching sessions, attendees can also experience the city’s cultural gems, historical landmarks, and renowned scientific institutions. The Expo on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems guarantees a remarkable gathering of professionals actively shaping the future of drug delivery. It’s an essential event for those committed to staying at the forefront of the field’s latest advancements and contributing to the progress of pharmaceutics and novel drug delivery systems.

5th Annual Congress on Antibiotics and Bacterial Infections

April 11-12, 2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands

This premier international event gathers the world’s leading researchers, scientists, clinicians, pharmacologists, and healthcare professionals to delve into the latest developments in antibiotics and bacterial infections. The overarching theme for this year is “Combatting Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Health Priority.”

Antibiotic resistance is a pressing public health concern, posing a significant threat to global health security. This congress serves as a critical platform for experts to pool their latest research findings, partake in informative discussions, and explore innovative solutions to tackle this issue head-on. Through a diverse array of sessions and presentations, participants will gain valuable insights into the most recent advancements in antibiotic research and development, the rise of new bacterial infections, and the role of the microbiome in health and disease.

Beyond the scientific discourse, this congress creates abundant opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees. It allows them to swap ideas, share perspectives, and build meaningful connections. Participants will also engage with industry leaders, healthcare providers, and policymakers, and gain insights into global health initiatives dedicated to countering antibiotic resistance.

4th Global Summit on Pharmaceutical Research

May 09-10, 2024 Barcelona, Spain

The 4th Global Summit on Pharmaceutical Research is a highly anticipated gathering of eminent scientists, researchers, academicians, and industry professionals from around the world. This gathering is dedicated to advancing the field of pharmaceutical research and innovation.

This summit is not just a conference; it’s a platform for intellectual stimulation, collaboration, and discussions about the latest breakthroughs and advancements in drug discovery, development, and therapeutics. The extensive program includes keynote presentations, expert panels, interactive workshops, and poster sessions.

18th World Drug Delivery Summit

May 16-17, 2024 Rome, Italy

The World Drug Delivery Summit will delve into a wide range of topics, including precision medicine, biopharmaceuticals, nanotechnology in drug delivery, pharmacovigilance, and more.

We’ll also explore emerging trends in pharmaceutical research, such as personalised therapies and digital health applications. This prestigious event is not just a conference; it’s a convergence of leading researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical professionals, clinicians, and industry experts from around the globe.

Over the course of two insightful days, attendees will delve into the intricate world of drug delivery, exploring the very latest developments, breakthroughs, and challenges that accompany this dynamic field. The theme for the summit is “Precision Drug Delivery: From Concept to Clinical Impact.” With precision medicine gaining momentum in healthcare, it’s essential to discuss how drug delivery can align with this paradigm shift. The summit promises to be a platform where you can gain insights into the innovative approaches, novel technologies, and clinical implications of drug delivery systems.

During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in engaging discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops. We’ll explore the evolution of drug delivery concepts and their real-world clinical impact. From cutting-edge research to practical applications, covering the entire spectrum of drug delivery, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect of modern healthcare.

At the 18th World Drug Delivery Summit, attendees will not only stay updated on the latest advancements but also foster connections with like-minded professionals.

9th Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conference

May 30-31, 2024 Paris, France

The “9th Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conference” is scheduled to take place this coming May in Paris, France. The conference invites participants from around the world to come together, share their experiences, and discuss ongoing developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. This conference is set to become an international platform for pharmacists, pharmaceutical professionals, researchers, scientists, clinicians, academics, students, and healthcare professionals. The primary goal is to promote the latest advancements, research, and developments and explore the challenges in Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

The gathering also offers a global stage for networking and exchanging the latest developments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry bringing together individuals interested in various fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, including Ethno-Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Bio-Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Hetero Cyclic Chemistry, Biopharmaceuticals & Biologics, Neuroscience & Neurochemistry, and an overview of Pharmaceutical Science. Spanning multiple disciplines, it provides a platform for discussions on topics such as Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Nanotechnology, Radiopharmaceuticals, Clinical Trials, GMP, GCP and regulatory Affairs, Packaging and Marketing; it’s a place to educate healthcare researchers about the discovery, development, and manufacturing of new drugs.

This conference is a unique opportunity to conduct presentations, distribute information, meet current and potential scientists, make a significant impact with new pharmaceutical research and developments, and gain recognition in this two-day event. Expect to hear from world-renowned speakers and explore the most recent techniques, developments, and updates in Pharmaceutical Research.


7th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Research & Innovations in Pharma Industry

January 25-26, 2024 Dubai, UAE

The 7th International Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Conference will be held in January of 2024 in Dubai. The Advanced Pharmaceutics and Clinical Research Congress includes scientific sessions, plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations, one-on-one meetings, networking opportunities, e-poster presentations, Young Researcher Forums (YRFs), business meetings, international workshops, symposiums, industrial sessions, and exhibitor presentations.

To engage and share ideas about the most recent developments in pharmaceutics and clinical research, the Pharma Conference 2024 conference brings together specialists, leading researchers, scholars, scientists, professors, and professionals from relevant sectors. The seminar will also give attendees a clear knowledge of the problems caused by advanced pharmaceuticals, as well as potential solutions.

37th World Congress on Pharmacology

February 01-02, 2024 Dubai, UAE

The World Congress on Pharmacology 2024 focuses on the importance of understanding drugs and how they can affect human physiology. It is with a better understanding of Pharmacology one can know the right dosage and dosage forms of drugs. More research in pharmacology deals with identifying and responding to drug interactions and their side effects along with their mechanism of action, their therapeutic index and thereby treatment accordingly. A more intensive study of the interaction between drugs and their therapeutic effect helps to identify the properties of ideal drugs.

Peers from around the world will gather to focus on learning about Pharmacology and related advances, making it the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pharmacology community, conduct demonstrations, distribute information, meet with current and potential professionals, make a splash with a new research works, and receive name recognition at this 2-day event. Expect world-renowned speakers, the most recent research, advances, and the newest updates in Pharmacology.

25th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems

February 26-27, 2024 Dubai, UAE

This Pharmaceutics Conference includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions and Career development programs aiming to Unlock the Future of Medicine with innovations and Breakthroughs in the Pharma Industry.

The International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems 2024 covers various aspects of Bio-Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Targeting and Design, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Drugs, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications, Biomaterials in Drug Delivery, Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Devices for Drug Delivery, Biologics & Biosimilars, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Process Validation, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Clinical Trials and Clinical Research, Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Pharmacy Education and Practice.

IFCC Worldlab Dubai 2024

May 26-30 2024, Dubai UAE

The WorldLab/EuroMedLab Congresses have become a leading platform for laboratory medicine and clinical chemistry, facilitating scientific exchange and advancement among scientists, laboratory specialists, clinicians, and industry colleagues. The 2023 EuroMedLab Congress promises to offer a diverse range of innovative education opportunities, including lectures, symposia, recent advancements in clinical practice and science, poster presentations, and industry exhibits, as well as a fantastic social program. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with distinguished experts from around the world.


19th International Conference on Pharmaceutical

Formulations & Drug Delivery

October 16-17, 2023 Toronto, Canada

Advancement in the Technologies used in Drug Delivery.
This Pharmaceutics Conference includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions and Career development programmes.

14th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Research

November 20-21, 2023 Vancouver, Canada

The 14th International Conference on Pharmaco epidemiology and Clinical aims to bring together leading academic professors, scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical research. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary pavement for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industries to represent their company and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical trials and clinical research.

The pharma-epidemiology congress includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions and extensive networking and B2B interactions.

9th International Conference on Antimicrobials & Antibiotic Resistance

November 25-26, 2023 Vancouver, Canada

Antibiotics Resistance 2023 invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “the 9th International Conference on Antibiotics & Antibiotic Resistance’’ to explore advances in Infectious Diseases and future trends in antimicrobials.

The conference invites all participants across the globe to attend share their insights and convey recent developments in the field of antibiotic resistance. The primary objective of this meeting is to compile researchers involved in antibiotic resistance prevention and control. The meeting will take a unified approach to research and it will bring about researchers specialising in different subjects related to antibiotic resistance.

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

March 07-08, 2024 Toronto, Canada

NanoRevolution in Healthcare: Advancing Healthcare through Innovative Nanotechnologies aims to share new ideas, innovations, and technologies towards Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and nanomedicine and create a platform for all researchers, scientists, professionals, speakers, experts and students. The conference also provides opportunities and invites the companies and industries who gave their services, products and information about the innovation, ideas and research results.

The conference will illustrate innovative Research ideas on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, Medical Devices for Drug Delivery, Biotechnology, Nanorobotics, and Formulation Technology. It also presents a fantastic line-up for many international experts such as Professors and PhD scholars from academia, R&D Scientists, CEOs, CROs, CMOs, Director, President from Pharmaceutical Companies, Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers of Drug Delivery Technologies, Business Entrepreneurs, Health professionals & Pharmacist, and Quality control specialists. It provides an interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Nanomedicine & Drug Delivery.

23rd International Conference on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

March 14-15, 2024 Vancouver, Canada

Explore the future of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Science at the 23rd International Conference on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The main theme of the conference is “Exploring the future of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Science”. This Conference helps in meeting professionals, experts, academicians and researchers from all over the world.

This event aims to foster an environment for innovations, advanced practices and research on various divisions of Pharmaceutical and Medical Science, Drug developments, Novel trends and advanced strategies in Pharma technology, Drug delivery techniques, Recent advancements in Medicinal Pharma, Medication of certain diseases and multidisciplinary interventions to promote health and wellness across various populations to be shared and discussed by experts in the field of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

The Scientific program includes Keynote and plenary talks, Video Presentations, and Presentations. It is the goal of the organisers to make this meeting an event of scientific excellence, attractive to both industrial and academic scientists in Drug Discovery and Designing, Chemistry and Scientists of Relevant Fields.

3rd World Congress on Medicinal Chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design

August 27-28, 2024 Toronto, Canada

The 3rd World Conference on Medicinal Chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design will explore the “Innovations in Medicinal Chemistry and Computational Drug Discovery: Advancing Healthcare for a Sustainable Future”. This provides an excellent opportunity to share views, exchange knowledge and establish research collaborations & and networking.

This conference also provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments within the field. As a section of an initiative aimed to share the best approaches in medicinal chemistry, the international conference is preparing a series of interesting topics under medicinal chemistry (i.e., biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacognosy, and toxicology) and their suitable uses in the treatment of disease.

Medicinal chemistry conference serves as a global platform to discuss and learn about medicinal chemistry, organic molecules used in medicinal chemistry, Drug design and drug development, bioavailability, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, Evolution of Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry in Pharma, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Technologies for Drug Discovery, Drug effects, Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery, Market Dynamics, Conclusions and Future Trends, Medicinal Plants.

Given this theme, the conference intends to provide a forum for international researchers from various areas of chemistry, pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design by providing a platform for critical analysis of new designs and sharing the newest cutting-edge research findings and results about all aspects of medicinal chemistry. The current meeting of chemistry conferences will be a multinational gathering and present major areas such as Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Design and Drug Development, Organic Chemistry, pharmacology and overall applications.


8th International Congress on Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery

November 20-21, 2023

A Panoramic View of Healing and Recent Medical and Pharmaceutical Advances Pharmaceutics Conference 2023 is going to offer scientific talks by Keynote Speakers, Oral talks, Symposiums, Poster presentations, Exhibitions and many more.

This webinar will offer an International platform where Scholars and experts belonging to a Pharmaceutical background and working in that field can showcase their scientific work and research based on the following topics Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy, Drug delivery, Drug targeting and many more. Industries related to Pharmaceutical and Drug manufacturers are all invited to showcase their advanced products so that their products can get exposure. Our main agenda is to share the latest information on Pharmaceutics for the betterment of mankind.

11th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Research & Drug Discovery

November 28, 2023

With the theme “Exploring the recent trends and advances in the field of Drug Discovery research and innovations in the pharma” emphasising recent areas of more optimised research techniques like rational and computer-aided drug designing for the Discovery, Designing and Development of new drugs than by traditional hit and trial method. This Drug Discovery 2023 Conference includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, and Poster presentations.

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