How to Use the TRITEMP™ Non-Contact Thermometer

TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer is incredibly quick and easy to use. TRITEMP™ helps save busy nurses valuable time and releases time to care for patients. Traditional contact thermometers on the market can take anywhere between 1-3 minutes per reading. It takes time to correctly position the thermometer and time is spent in between readings to gather, replace, and dispose of the single use probe covers.

This not only takes up valuable time but can also cost the hospital a significant amount of money. Did you know that improving productivity by only five minutes in every shift can save the NHS up to £280m per year?[1]

TRITEMP™ offers non-contact technology, providing fast, accurate, core body temperature measurements in seconds. The user-led interface and ergonomic design ensures that TRITEMP™ is easy to use.

TRITEMP Front Facing Image

TRITEMP™ has 3 buttons:

POWER button – To switch the device on and off

READ button – To take the temperature reading

ADJUST button – To adjust the settings

NB: TRITEMP™ comes supplied with Factory settings which should not need to be altered.


How to take a measurement:

TAP the POWER Button

To turn on simply TAP the power button and release it immediately for a silent switch on. The screen will light green, and the device settings will be displayed.

Check the screen settings are at the required parameters i.e. BODY MODE, °C, and the Audio is on (as shown on the diagram). These will be the standard factory settings provided on receipt of the device.

TRITEMP™ is a low-energy device so will shut off automatically after 30 seconds should you forget to switch off after use.

Cropped buttons of TRITEMP

Position the Device

TRITEMP being used in Harberton School

Before use ensure the forehead is exposed and free from any hair, sweat, creams, etc. Remove any obstacles such as hats or dressings that may be covering the measurement site.

Position the TRITEMP™ at a straight angle at the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows. Ensure the device is positioned approximately 3-5cms (or 2 fingers width) from the forehead.


Take the Measurement

Once the TRITEMP™ is in position press the READ button and release. You never need to touch the patient when measuring temperature with TRITEMP™. Simply TAP & TAKE. The TRITEMP™ will beep to confirm the reading.

TRITEMP™ also has a traffic light system. The screen will light green, orange, or red depending on the temperature reading. TRITEMP™ has a high temperature alarm which will sound if body temperature is 38° or above.

Please allow 3-5 seconds between temperature readings or until the light dims.

Green Screen of TRITEMP

We offer full training with all of our products and can help ensure a smooth conversion in your ward. TriMedika has developed a wide range of training materials, talk to us for further information or visit our YouTube Channel.

Please note TRITEMP™ has been designed for use by trained healthcare personnel. All users must familiarise themselves with the safety instructions and guidance detailed in the instructions for use before operating the device.

[1] Health Service Journal, February 2016

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