TriMedika Responds to Concerns Over New Strain of COVID

  • New variant of COVID is 70% more transmissible
  • 80% of infections are acquired through contact which increases infection spread
  • Medical grade, non-contact thermometers provide accurate screening for fever
  • TriMedika, CEO Dr Roisin Molloy, comments on effective ways to control the spread of infection through fever detection

In response to the news of First Minister Arlene Foster’s comment that it is ‘probable’ that the new variant of coronavirus is in Northern Ireland, TriMedika CEO Dr Roisin Molloy, commented ‘The new variant is reported as being 70% more transmissible than the strain which emerged earlier in the year. We’re already hearing of increased cases of COVID in London and the South of England with this new strain cited as the cause. Controlling the ‘spread of infection’ is paramount in our communities and is more likely when people are in close contact.’

Optimising infection control is key to managing this epidemic, saving lives, and protecting our healthcare workers. Screening for fever requires an accurate, medical grade thermometer to ensure persons are identified quickly and spread is minimised.

TriMedika has developed a medical-grade thermometer TRITEMP™ which never touches the skin and is used in hospitals, clinics and care homes in 21 countries, including Northern Ireland.  It has been reported that 80% of hospital infections are acquired through contact and reusable thermometers that contact the skin surface represent a risk of infection spread.

Transmission occurs when infected droplets contact the eyes, nose and mouth and Epidemiologist George Mc Donald suggested that with an R value greater than 1 the disease spreads, which will put pressure on our hospitals to manage cases.

Dr Molloy added: ‘We know there are added concerns in hospitals regarding thermometer supply after Brexit and TriMedika has maintained stock levels in Northern Ireland to meet the demand during the pandemic. Our focus is on supporting our Health Service to our utmost capacity.’

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