Why Nursing Champions are Asking for TRITEMP™

In healthcare trials, TriMedika’s TRITEMP™ thermometer has demonstrated accuracy and reliability in hospitals and clinics. TRITEMP™ is available for purchase by hospitals and professional healthcare frameworks. Recently, TriMedika has seen an increase in individual practitioners and clinicians requesting TRITEMP™ for their own personal use.

In this article, we review the feedback from global nursing champions who recognise the need for accessible, reliable, and accurate temperature measurement solutions; and how TRITEMP™ continues to improve patient outcomes worldwide.

A Quest for Reliable Thermometers

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic there was an abundance of thermometer options many of which were new to the market. This led to confusion for healthcare teams in need of a reliable thermometer as demonstrated by a nurse from the US who contacted TriMedika.

Your product sounded so reliablehowever, the number of products and the variety of reviews for thermometers were astounding’.

Hospital-Grade Accuracy

When looking for an accurate thermometer, another ER nurse stated,  ‘According to a recent study by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), only 57% of consumer-grade thermometers meet the accuracy standards set for hospital-grade devices.’

TRITEMP™ for Virtual Wards

The healthcare landscape is evolving, and one concept that has gained significant prominence is virtual wards andHospital-at-home programmes. In these scenarios, patients are remotely monitored and managed outside traditional hospital settings. Accurate temperature measurement is crucial as it helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about patients’ conditions.

The impact on individuals 

TriMedika recently spoke to a healthcare worker who had witnessed TRITEMP™ thermometers in hospitals and expressed their need for home use.

I have been in hospitals and seen your TRITEMP™ thermometers in action and I would love to have my own. I’m an anesthetist and I work in the theatre. I’ve become frustrated with cheap devices and ones that give wildly different values! I wanted something comparable to what we use in the hospital, and I came across your unit. 

I am a Registered Nurse and have multiple needs for an accurate digital thermometer including use for my son who has decreased immunity and requires accurate temperature readings.

A 2022 survey of nurses found that 85% of respondents would be interested in purchasing a hospital-grade thermometer for personal use (1).

This raises an important question: with the growing demand, how can individuals access a thermometersuch as TRITEMP with this level of accuracy? TriMedika will soon offer an alternative purchase mechanism to ensure all healthcare professionals can get access to TRITEMP™.  


Nursing champions are aware of the issues with many thermometers on the market and have recognised TriTemp as an accurate hospital-grade clinical thermometer. As the world of healthcare continues to evolve, the pursuit of precisiondevices remains a constant for use in hospitals and Virtual wards. TriMedika aims to lead the way in the pursuit of improved patient care and offer these hardworking healthcare teams the accurate and easy-to-use tools that let them deliver the best care to all patients. TriTemp non-contact thermometer requires zero plastic consumables and never touches the patient, offering cost, time, and infection control benefits whilst removing plastics from hospitals and saving the planet.

HSC Annual Quility Report 2021-22

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