Protect Our Nurses

The value of the role played by our healthcare workers has never been clearer.

TriMedika acknowledges that nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are the foundation of society and they have risen to the challenge presented by COVID-19 in ways we could never before have imagined.

However, figures show that our healthcare professionals are vulnerable too. The pre-COVID pressures have been exacerbated, with nurses working harder than ever but perhaps not sufficiently valued. Low staffing levels continue to have a major impact on patient safety, staff morale and wellbeing.

Hospitals look to improve efficiency to address the changing demands. According to a study in 2019 by the Royal College of Nursing, 60% of respondents (nurses) reported feeling too busy to provide the level of patient care they would like, proving that the need for increased support existed even before the virus took hold.

COVID Has Affected Healthcare Staff in the Following Ways

Infection Spread of COVID-19 Amongst Healthcare Staff

Measures need to be taken to protect our healthcare staff from infections in more effective ways. As frontline healthcare workers contract COVID, this brings about additional staff  absences, adding to the existing pressures already faced by national healthcare systems. Over 4 million healthcare professionals have been infected by the virus, suffering detrimental health effects, with the added risk of passing the infection on to colleagues; a knock on effect.

Increased Patient Numbers

With over 110 million confirmed cases globally, hospitals and their staff are being pushed to the limit. The BBC spoke to an ICU nurse in Scotland in January and she said “we are all physically, mentally and emotionally drained now”. This has led to the chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) to call for “a long-term plan to deliver care to those who need it after facing unimaginable levels of anxiety and stress.” The workload is impacting the mental health of our healthcare workers across all levels.

How TRITEMP™ Helps to Protect our Nurses

Zero Contact

TRITEMP™ removes the need to touch the patient when taking temperature, reducing the chance for infections to spread, especially for nurses, who experience regular contact points through temperature reading.

Time Saving

Nurses can work more efficiently; time is saved per shift as they don’t need to replace consumables; there is no need to wake or disturb the patient, again enabling time savings. TRITEMP™ will provide an accurate core body temperature reading in 1 second, so frees up nurses’ time to care for the patients and easing workload.

At TriMedika, our experience in designing innovative medical devices and training nurses give us a very powerful insight into providing devices that will positively impact nursing workflows and patient outcomes. We believe that we must equip our nurses on the front line with the most effective devices available

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