TriMedika Featured In Ulster Business Showcase

Our CEO Roisin Molloy & COO Julie Brien speak about how COVID changed the business overnight and speak about the growth of TriMedika.

“Dr Roisin Molloy and Julie Brien decided to take the plunge and set up their own medical device business, little did they know demands across the global health sector were about to change immeasurably, almost overnight”.

TriMedika are taking part in an event series with Ulster Bank and Belfast Chamber of Commerce to deliver a series of talks, panel discussions and one-to-one interview sessions aimed at the city’s business community.

“We are a medical device manufacturer and at present make and sell non-contact thermometers,” Roisin says. “You literally point it at someone’s forehead, click a button, and get a reading.”

The TriMedika thermometer is different in that it’s of a medical grade, and designed for use by medical professionals right across the health sectors.

Part of its strength is its accuracy – up there with internal probes – while also removing contact from the process, something which is increasingly becoming an important component amid a global pandemic.

TriMedika designs, develops and manufactures its products for sale in 21 countries, with key markets in the UK and Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s also now set its sights on the US.

But while Covid helped boost demand for its products significantly, TriMedika faced the same issues that many other companies did in terms of getting their products exported. Roisin says shipping costs rose 10-fold.

“However, our numbers escalated and we had to put on more manufacturing runs and build up stock,” Roisin says,

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