TriMedika’s Journey: Revolutionising Healthcare with Non-Contact Thermometers

TriMedika, a Belfast-based MedTech company, has come a long way from its humble beginnings of two women in a cupboard. Co-founded by two determined female leaders, Dr. Roisin Molloy and Julie Brien, the company introduced a groundbreaking non-contact thermometer that promises to improve healthcare standards worldwide.

Inception of Innovation

TriMedika’s journey began with the dream of creating a thermometer that would not only provide accurate readings but also reduce infection risks in medical settings. Traditional thermometers had their limitations, often requiring frequent replacements and posing contamination risks.

Dr. Roisin Molloy, TriMedika’s CEO and co-founder envisioned a contactless solution that could make the lives of nurses easier. The result was TRITEMP, a medical-grade non-contact thermometer that uses infrared technology to measure a patient’s core body temperature simply by pointing it at their forehead.

The Impact on Healthcare

TriMedika’s innovative technology has been a game-changer in the healthcare industry. It offers greater accuracy and durability, capable of providing more than 40,000 measurements compared to traditional thermometers’ limited lifespan.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for TriMedika’s technology skyrocketed, with its devices being used in surgical wards, recovery wards, ICUs, paediatric wards, and neonatal wards. These non-contact thermometers proved essential in maintaining infection control and patient safety.

A Vision for the Future

TriMedika’s commitment to innovation and excellence has driven its success. Dr. Molloy and her team have developed a technology that not only streamlines healthcare but also reduces the administrative burden for healthcare workers. The company’s vision extends beyond hospitals. They aim to tap into emerging trends like “virtual wards,” where patients can receive hospital-level care at home. This innovative approach is set to open up new markets for TriMedika.

The Journey to Scale

TriMedika’s rapid journey from concept to market-ready product in just 18 months is a testament to its dedication and vision. The company, initially funded by angel investors and its co-founders, is now revenue-driven and primed for expansion. TriMedika’s success has led to global recognition, with its devices now in use in 22 countries.

A Sustainable Approach

Beyond improving healthcare, TriMedika is committed to sustainability. Its devices are designed to last longer and require zero consumables, reducing waste and environmental impact. This holistic approach aligns with the company’s mission to provide accurate, hygienic, and robust thermometers to hospitals and clinics worldwide.

TriMedika’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and a commitment to improving healthcare standards. With a firm foundation and a vision for the future, this Belfast-based MedTech company is poised to make an even greater impact on global healthcare.

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