TRITEMP™ Keeping Day Care Centres Open During COVID-19

The use of TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer has enabled Newhill First Steps Daycare to remain open during the pandemic, by enabling the Newhill team to check colleagues and visitors for fever when they enter the premises. We spoke with Rosemary Dunbar, Manager of Newhill First Steps, who was a key decision-maker in implementing the use of TRITEMP™.

Rosemary explained that the need for TRITEMP™ arose when they discovered their current non-contact thermometer was giving inaccurate temperature results. Rosemary added that not only was TRITEMP™ more accurate and reliable, but the green, amber and red temperature ‘traffic light’ feature highlighted to the employees when someone’s temperature was raised or on the increase, therefore making it easier to use. This has been crucial for Newhill during these unprecedented times when its service has been vital for essential workers, as Rosemary explained:

“We’ve been able to provide a service to the NHS and people who have to go to work and can’t stay at home.”

TRITEMP™ is the only medical grade non-contact thermometer that measures core body temperature ensuring reliable accurate results, as well as being simple and quick to use.. Rosemary goes on to say,

 “We’ve been really happy with the results from TRITEMP™ and would be happy to recommend it to anyone”

If you would like to know more about Newhill First Steps’ experience with TRITEMP™ click the video below or for further information on the TRITEMP™ please contact us at

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Newhill Daycare Center receives a TRITEMP
Rosemary Dunbar, Manager of Newhill First Steps

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