We Listened, We Learned, We Delivered

Putting Healthcare Professionals at the Heart of What We Do

The importance of getting feedback from the end user of any product is absolutely essential to improving what we do. At TriMedika, we are passionate about helping nurses and we want to ensure that our products are suitable for the fast pace of busy hospital settings and the challenges that nursing staff faced daily. Our leading non-contact TRITEMP ™ was developed with the help of nurses, FOR nurses!

We focus on creating products that advance healthcare in meaningful ways and so we set a goal of speaking to as many nurses as possible to understand what will make their lives easier, to release more time to care for the patient.
“I’ve helped roll out TRITEMP™ across many wards. Getting the chance to speak first hand to nurses is a privilege and a great opportunity to understand the challenges they face daily. I am always filled with admiration for the nurses I meet who do such a wonderful job. Thank you” – Julie Brien

What are the Key Issues With Your Current thermometer?

Through engaging with the nurses, we learned about their everyday pain points in terms of their daily challenges and with the thermometers they were using. Their current devices were time consuming to use and the probe covers the devices needed were costly, wasteful, and proved to be an infection risk. Taking all this on board we learned how we could help them through our innovative technology.

By asking the right questions and applying fresh thinking in science and technology we developed TRITEMP™, a non-contact thermometer that was easy to use, more sustainable and helped reduce infection spread – therefore working for nursing teams to help solve some of the everyday problems.

This has become our driving force and we weave this into the design of all our products.

Through consultation with nurses, we have further adjusted the ergonomics of TRITEMP™ to help with the comfort and ‘handhold’of the device, delivering on our commitment to ‘ease of use’ for the thermometer.

What Nurses Said About TRITEMP™

Our efforts to meet the needs of nurses have paid off, with incredible feedback from our customers on a regular basis. 94.9% of nurses find TRITEMP™ easy to use and 92.3% of nurses can see the infection control benefits and believe TRITEMP™ will help reduce infection spread on their ward*.

We continue to listen and react to the needs of our customers. We are regularly on the ground with nurses listening and learning about their daily challenges. Our R&D team are consistently looking at new ways we can help to shape the future of healthcare through scientific innovation. We are connected to the nurses who make a difference, and offer turnkey solutions that will help ensure we are putting patients and their carers first.

Are you a health professional who has used TriMedika products? Please get in touch with your feedback by emailing info@trimedika.com.

*2019, ‘Evaluation of an electronic non-touch thermometer and the management of electronic tympanic thermometers in 4 acute care wards’, Infection Prevention Society “Looking back – Moving forward”, Tullyglass Hotel, Ballymena, 9th October.

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