Webinar – The Sustainability Challenge: Greener Approaches to Healthcare

On 29th September TriMedika hosted a panel of experts in sustainability, all with vast experience in healthcare sustainability. The aim of the educational webinar was to shine a light on the environmental problems facing healthcare and to discuss green healthcare approaches for the future.

The Uk’s Net Zero Ambitions

The UK’s NHS has ambitions of becoming the first Net Zero healthcare system in the world by 2040, with the same issues affecting all countries globally – our webinar highlights some of the key areas that NHS Supply Chain, NHS England and some private companies are working together to deliver on this ambitious target.

TriMedika’s Sustainability Webinar

Our speakers on the webinar are:

  1. Martin Toomey – Sustainability Manager, NHS Supply Chain
  2. Paul Chivers – Sustainability Lead, NHS England Improvement
  3. Anne Woolridge – Chief Operating Officer, Independent Safety Services

Within this webinar you will learn about the following:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Movement – How Do We Get to Net Zero
  • The Net Zero Challenge – Fighting Climate Change
  • Best Practice for Sustainability in Healthcare
  • The Importance of Waste Strategy and Policy for Healthcare – Non-Waste Generating Products
  • How TRITEMP™ helps Reduce Plastic Waste in Hospitals

Watch the webinar below or follow this link:

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