What is the best thermometer for COVID-19?

COVID-19 - TRITEMP Medical Grade Thermometer

COVID-19 and Temperature Measurement

Two years ago, on March 11th, 2020, COVID-19 was announced as a global pandemic[1] that turned our world upside down and every aspect of our lives was impacted. How we lived, worked, received healthcare, and interacted with each other changed to reduce the spread of the virus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 has claimed over 6.3 million lives since the pandemic started[2] and continues to spread around the world with cases continuing to rise.

Early guidelines stated that a temperature of 37.8 degrees or higher was a critical indicator for a positive COVID-19 case, therefore, thermometers became a must-have device in combating the spread and detection of the virus[3]. Temperature measurement became important as we learned that there was a correlation between a high core body temperature reading, among other symptoms, and COVID-19 infection. A fever is a common symptom of an individual who has contracted COVID-19, along with other symptoms. We then began to measure temperature everywhere.

The Importance of Accuracy When Detecting COVID-19

As we began to learn how to live with COVID-19, businesses began to re-open and implement temperature screening to reduce infection spread, identify positive symptoms, and return to some form of normality. The introduction of non-contact thermometers facilitated quick screening to detect and reduce infection spread[4]

However, the demand for non-contact thermometers increased, therefore, allowing devices that were not regulated to UK standards to enter the market. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) became aware of thermometers making claims that the devices could be used for medical purposes when in fact they did not meet the essential requirements of the Medical Devices Regulations 2002[5]. These thermometers did not meet standards, therefore, there was the potential of an increase in misdiagnosis for someone who had symptoms of COVID-19 that the thermometer did not pick up.

How TRITEMP™ clinically graded thermometer helped through COVID-19

TRITEMP™ is a clinically graded, robust non-contact thermometer designed for use in a busy hospital ward, providing 40,000 accurate core body temperature readings. The device converts forehead temperature into accurate core body temperature. It is used in thousands of hospitals in over 20 countries, including 200 acute locations in Ireland.

Happy Feet Podiatry Services decided to use the TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer after being dissatisfied with a lesser quality non-contact thermometer that they had previously purchased. Gerardette McGivern, Owner of Happy Feet, had bought a non-medical grade non-contact thermometer to monitor the temperature of patients and staff.

This was as an extra measure to help protect against COVID-19, as prescribed by the College of Podiatry in Northern Ireland. Gerardette was unhappy with the device she purchased as she was unconvinced of its accuracy and reliability. To test its reliability, Gerardette tested the device by scanning her staff multiple times and found the “readings would change” every time.

Gerardette decided to change to TRITEMP™ because it measures Core Body Temperature and is a Medical Grade, CE-marked device. This reassured her that TRITEMP™ would be reliable and so help ensure the safety of her employees and clients.

Due to Happy Feet’s decision to put appropriate safety measures in place, the business has been able to remain open throughout the pandemic and so continues to provide essential services to patients.

We spoke with Gerardette to discuss her experience with TRITEMP™. Watch the video and listen to Happy Feet’s experience with TRITEMP™ and how it has enabled her to keep providing this vital service.


What is considered a high temperature for COVID-19?

A high temperature associated with COVID-19 and other infections is anything from 38⁰C or above[6].

What is the best thermometer for COVID-19?

During the pandemic, it has been established that a raised body temperature is one of the main indicators that a person may have acquired COVID-19. As a medical-grade device, TRITEMP™ thermometers ensure quick and accurate temperature readings without coming into physical contact with the patient.

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