How A Simple Medical Device Can Benefit Your Healthcare Budget

Healthcare Budgets Continue to Feel the Squeeze

The NHS England budget is set to fall from £148 billion in 2021 to £139 billion in 20221, which intensifies the spotlight on finding new ways of reducing healthcare costs.

Over the past decade, the public health workforce in the US has shrunk by approximately 56,000 positions primarily due to funding issues2.

As pressures build on healthcare systems globally, it’s important to strike a balance between making savings and delivering positive patient experience. The answer to the problem is simple: innovative solutions.
TriMedika is one company that has been a disruptor within the healthcare industry, reducing costs in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide. Through the introduction of innovative thermometry technology, TriMedika are revolutionising temperature measurement. TRITEMP™ is a medically graded, CE marked non-contact thermometer which improves patient care while reducing healthcare costs.

The Hidden Cost of Thermometry

Many hospitals don’t realise the hidden costs associated with traditional medical thermometers and the significant impact this can have on budgets. Research carried out by TriMedika shows that up to 10 contact thermometers are being disposed of in hospitals due to breakages every week (520 devices per year). Because thermometers are essential equipment and used so frequently, these cost inefficiencies can quickly add up.

Another hidden cost is the recurring cost of consumables associated with contact thermometers. With a 900-bed hospital using approximately 3 million thermometer probe covers per year3, this recurring cost is significant.
Plastic consumables account for the majority of hospital thermometer budgets in the NHS, so eliminating this cost reduces pressure on budget constraints, without compromising on quality.

The disposal of this contaminated plastic waste is also a hidden monetary cost to hospitals. Typically, this infected waste needs incinerated – another disadvantage of contact thermometers.

How much could you save

How Can a Non-Contact Thermometer Help Protect Your Budgets?

A medical graded non-contact thermometer such as TRITEMP™ requires zero consumables which can significantly free up consumables budgets. Depending on the size of the hospital TRITEMP™ can help save hospitals up to £100,000 in the first two years. This is equivalent to the cost of 5 life-saving ventilators or the salary of 3 nurses.

TRITEMP™ also improves patient care as it never disturbs the patient. With it’s simple TAP&TAKE technology, Nurses don’t need to find or replace probe covers, leaving them more time to care.

By reducing the need for constant restocking and disposal of plastic thermometer consumables, hundreds of thousands could be saved and the lifetime values are significant.

Healthcare systems that look at the bigger picture in terms of cost, waste and efficiencies have a greater chance of success.

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