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TriMedika’s US Market Entry With ABHI

It is with great excitement that TriMedika Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer of cutting-edge medical equipment, announces its partnership with ABHI for the ABHI US Accelerator Program 2022. Representatives from TriMedika will participate in this program by traveling to the US for trade missions and engaging in networking activities throughout the year.

Here at TriMedika, we are pioneers in the field of medical technology, offering the most accurate clinical devices to hospitals all over the world. Thermometry is being revolutionized by our flagship product, TRITEMP™, a hospital-grade non-contact thermometer that is being used in 1,000+ hospitals across 20+ countries. TRITEMP™ has been precision engineered to be used 40,000 times, with no consumables! Hospitals switching to TRITEMP™ are estimated to make annual savings in excess of six figures, by eliminating the need for single-use plastics; having a robust design that keeps replacement costs at a minimum, and improving workplace efficiencies to save salary costs.

Find out how much you could save on consumables by using our Cost Calculator.

Key Dates and Locations:

 Our next Trade mission will take place in Tennessee -Memphis & Nashville- from 25th-29th July 

Followed by:

  • Los Angeles & San Francisco – 12-16 Sept
  • Boston – 24-28 Oct
  • Miami, Tampa & Orlando – 28 Nov-2 Dec

We are looking forward to engaging with representatives from GPOs, IDNs, and hospital systems who are interested in a diversified product portfolio providing new ground-breaking technology that will improve patient outcomes overall, sustainability goals, procurement budgets, and infection control.

If you would like to schedule a meeting ahead of the trade mission, email Grace Hillman. US Key Account Manager

To find our more about TRITEMP™ - Enquire now